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How to make visitors accept your website
Perhaps you have been optimizing the website for a while, but rest assured that the website has not been effective at all. Perhaps you will be discouraged and lose confidence, so what should we do to find the cause of the problem?

① Increase your blog impression and increase your awareness.

② Gain a certain level of fan attention.

③ Utilize high-quality content to obtain more external links, thereby improving rankings and promoting a virtuous cycle.

How can SEO Impressionism increase visitor recognition?

So, how can SEO Impressionism increase visitor recognition?

Based on past brand SEO experience, the following content will be elaborated:

1. Establish a theme information database

When you try to establish a topic list centered around relevant content, theoretically, based on our years of testing, this type of content page mainly has the following advantages:

① Rich themes, covering a large number of long tail words, improving page relevance.

② Based on the content itself, it is beneficial to improve user behavior indicators, such as comments, sharing, and retention time.

③ Search engines are highly trusted.

2. Emphasize 'exporting links'

We occasionally talk about 'cherishing ink like gold'. For SEO personnel, it is often 'cherishing links like gold', especially when it comes to 'exporting links' on their own websites. This is completely a misconception.

When evaluating the value of a page, search engines often focus more on the value of the content on the page itself, rather than on how many links it actually has.

Reasonably increasing export links is beneficial for:

① Make up for the shortcomings of page expertise.

② Increase the interactivity of relevant users, such as content exchange, link exchange, traffic exchange, mutual recommendation, snowball rolling, to gain more potential fans and enhance their impression in the target user group.