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How to check and optimize the speed of a website
The opening speed of a website is a relatively important factor. For any website, the opening speed is directly related to the user's bounce rate and website optimization work. During the optimization process, you can also see that half of the websites with slow opening speed will be hit by search engines. Nowadays, search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent and pay more attention to the user's perspective, Let's take a look at how Zhanyou Cloud solves the problem of slow website opening:

How to help solve the problem of slow website opening speed?

1. If some data on large websites is not standardized enough and unused code takes up a lot of space, it can lead to excessive page capacity. For example, the capacity of a normal page is tens of kb, or in other words, tens of kb, while the capacity of your website's pages is hundreds of kb. Of course, this will to some extent affect the website's opening speed.

2. There are too many data references. Generally speaking, every website will reference files such as CSS and JavaScript, and will use a large amount of images. If there are many referenced documents, too many requests to the server can also affect the loading speed of the page.

3. Poor program optimization. At present, the mainstream CMS programs in the market have been recognized by most users. When we use it, we can streamline some unnecessary functions and still use them even without adjustments. If it's our own program, you should pay attention to optimizing the database at this time. The reasonable reading and writing of website data is also an important factor affecting website access speed.

4. The website space speed is slow. If the above factors are excluded, we need to consider hardware issues and the speed of accessing servers placed on the site. You can use some tools to view the domain name of a website or the IP address of a server. If you don't know what the data is, then it's okay. You can find a website that you think has faster access speed and compare it with your own website to find the root cause of the website's problem.